The declaration, “Here I am” is at the core of the Museum’s exhibitions and programs. 

 “Here I am” is an invitation to all: See me, recognize me, and understand me as a person, regardless of how I define my gender and sexuality. 

 In return, I acknowledge you: Here you are. 

We are different; each of us is unique. But, let us honor what connects us: the journey each of us has taken in search of self and community, love and respect, expression and fulfillment, equality and freedom, a sense of the past, and hopes for the future. 

Together, we can learn from each other and rise above the biases and misconceptions that may keep us from truly seeing each other.

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Conceptual Space Plan

This interactive diagram is an idealized concept of the Museum’s spatial needs, which can be developed as new construction or through the renovation of existing buildings. The Museum will be an asset to its neighborhood, a venue for special events, and a “must do” for tourists. The Museum will be synonymous with a sense of community, pride, and inclusiveness: a place to embrace and celebrate “who we are.”

The three-dimensional exhibit spaces will integrate objects with media and interactive technologies to produce immersive experiences, some of which visitors can customize to their age, learning style, and interests. Mobile technologies will “push” photos, text, video, audio, and interactive content out to visitors as they move through the space. These technologies will also provide unique opportunities for social interaction and dialogue among visitors both on and off the museum site.

However, to balance the media-intensive experience, an architecturally unique space will be designated for contemplation—a “no-tech” area where visitors can pause and reflect: What does this experience mean to me? What connects us as individuals, families, communities, and society? Where do we go from here to strengthen those bonds?

The Core Exhibit

Here I Am is about the universal human search for identity.


It is a story about a process and a journey: How “I” define “me”; how “me” connects to form the “we” of partners, spouses, friends, family, and communities; and what it means to be “me” in American history, culture, and society.

All of us live in multiple, interacting words: self, family, community, and society. Our realities are shaped by our perspectives, and are often viewed through the lens of our gender expression and sexual orientation. Whether we are conscious of them or not, gender and sexuality are inherent parts of our individual identities.

Here I Am forms the overarching theme for developing the Museum’s long-term exhibition galleries. As the interactive diagram (right) shows, the theme divides into four major clusters: self, family, community, and society. In turn, each theme encompasses myriad stories interpreted through a variety of exhibit techniques. 




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